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A hilarious TripAdvisor review of the tallest peak in the UK calling it ‘very steep and too high’ has gone viral.

The 185 word description of Ben Nevis is completely negative as the author couldn’t think of a single good thing to say about the mountain.

He complained that the climb was difficult, that his girlfriend was crying during the hike, and that when they got to the top there was no pub, restaurant, or toilet.

The author, who posts under the name GrimTraveller, said that at least the attraction was free, before adding: “I honestly couldn’t imagine anyone – and I mean anyone – paying to climb this.”

The post reads: “After going up mount Snowdon by train in Wales I’d forgotten just how high some mountains can get. And they don’t come much higher than this one – that’s for sure. LOL!

“This was almost a FULL day’s climbing and my girlfriend was crying at one point.

“When we did get to the top there was nothing there (Mount Snowdon has a pub, restaurant and toilets at its top).

“Luckily we had brought some sandwiches and drinks, so anyone else climbing this one – BE WARNED- there are NO facilities at the top.”

Ben Nevis, in Scotland, is the highest peak in the UK, sitting at 4,409ft, or 1,345m, towering above Wales’ highest mountain, Snowdon, which is 3,559ft, or 1,085m, and Britain’s Scafell Pike, at 3208ft, or 978m.

The climb takes up to nine hours in total, depending on conditions and your level of fitness, and summer is the ideal time to tackle the summit as weather at the top can be changeable.

The review continues: “The climb basically went on for far too long and the last part was particularly steep and difficult.

“It was also cloudy at the top so the view was non-existent. The long walk back down was boring and again took too long.

“It was a great relief to get back to our B&B in Fort William for a hot soapy bath and the joys of a flushing toilet with soft toilet rolls.

“This attraction is free but I honestly couldn’t imagine anyone – and I mean anyone – paying to climb this.”

The review was posted in October 2014 and lampooned back in 2015, but it’s been doing the rounds on social media again this week.

GrimTraveller, who has 12 followers on TripAdvisor, also slated Greenan Castle, in South Ayrshire, Scotland, describing it as ‘a ruined castle with zero access’, and The Helix in Falkirk, which was luckily ‘easy to exit’.

But he loved his trip with Ocean Breeze Rib Tours, based in Lamlash on the Isle of Arran, describing it as ‘the best two and a half hours of the year’.